About BookwormHole

Q. Why is this site different from all other sites?

BookwormHole is dedicated to those who savor books, those who love reading, discussing and searching for books. It's for those who have opinions about books and want to make informed decisions about buying or borrowing books.

There are two basic types of book sites on the web. There are sites that sell and sites with a more literary bent. We have designed BWH to lead you to finding the literary types and to make it especially easy to find published reviews from major book review websites.

We also make it easy to compare prices and buy from the major web booksellers. If you want to find a book, but don't want to buy, there's a link on the vendor page to help you find a local library with the book.

Q. Where does BWH get its book listings?

We use Amazon's book inventory. Theirs is the most comprehensive, publicly available source.

Q. What's the difference between sort by popularity and author?

Popularity shows you which books sell the most.

Author lists the books alphabetically by the author's last name. Since a book may have more than one author, we highlight the author last name you're looking for.

Q. Do I need to put quotes around a name or title?

You can, but it won't make any difference. We build our list from Amazon's service and it doesn't recognize quotes.

Q. What if I type in a wrong name or phrase?

There's a simple answer - kind of. If you put in something really wrong such as Franklin Rosevelt rather than Franklin Roosevelt, the system will ask you, 'Did you mean Franklin Roosevelt?'

If, however, you type Ann Simmons instead of Anne Siddons, the system won't second guess your entry. The moral is that you have to be sure of what you want, but there is no penalty for using the system to stir your memory. The do you mean function is the same as you'll find in Google. It has a large and effective dictionary or taxonomy, but can only go so far.

Q. How do you make your money besides from ads ?

If you use our site to buy from Amazon, Booksamillion, etc., we get a small fee from them. You pay the same price whether you go through us or directly to Amazon, etc. You never pay more. We believe you'll want to use BWH because we make it easier for you to shop and that we offer other valuable resources.

Q. How do I send you a message?

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