BookwormHole's Recommended Links

Audio Books — Have a yen to learn Assembly Language or PHP? This is the place, all free, all downloadable.

Gutenberg — Want to hear Jane Austin's Emma - probably not read by the author. Guttenberg has 20,000 free, downloadable audio books in a dozen categories. Recommended

Free eBooks — Extensive catalogue of recently published technical books. Downloading sends you to sites with annoying ads and sales. Stick to the freebies.

Audio Book Reviews

NPR Book Tour — NPR's weekly author interview program. Site lists last dozen with more from searchable database. Podcasts available.

NPR Podcast Library — Extensive library of podcasts by many public stations. When you get to the NPR podcast page, clicking on the left column gets the broadcast. Clicking on the right goes to the station's homepage.

WAMU 88.5 FM American University Radio - Readers' Review — Hosted by the remarkable Diane Rehm. Hour long discussion of one book by an expert and often entertaining review panel. Topic ranges from classics to current. Unique.

WPSU TV/FM - Penn State Public Broadcasting — Each week has short listeners review. Offbeat, interesting.

Bookworm KCRW - 89.9FM — Michael Silverblatt's interviews with authors. You can download the broadcasts and a few are in podcast form.

Print and Online Reviews

Chicago Tribune Books — Features reviews by kids. Neat.

LA Times Books — Not as extensive as the NYT, but what is. Easy navigation.

New York Times Book Review — The classic source for newspaper reviews.

The Times Entertainment — Yes, The Times. Beyond extensive.

Washington Post Books — Not just politics.

Goodreads — User generated reviews, lots of them.

The Rumpus — For poetry Lovers.

Arts & Letters Daily — Features one selected review link each day.

The New Atlantis — Long articles on the interaction between technology and society from an intelligent conservative viewpoint, including book reviews .

The Guardian — Reviews written with a combined British and American Sensibility

Marginalia — Reviews on books about religion

Los Angeles Review of Books — Long deep reviews, lots of them

Professional Reviews

Book Reviews from — Rates critics reviews of Film, DVD, Books TV and Games. Summary and full text of each review. Interesting.

National Book Critics Circle | Home — Good source for literary activities. Long list of book related blogs.

Kirkus Reviews Online - — If no one else has reviewed it, Kirkus will have one, but you'll need a pricy subscription to see them. - Books — Specializes in new releases. Staff of seven does all reviews' site gives their credentials.

Writers Write - Writer's Blog and Books — Collection of book related sites. Writers mainly for those who want to publish.

Video Reviews

Book TV on C-SPAN2 - Top Nonfiction Authors Every Weekend — If you missed a broadcast, you can see it here. Extensive archives and Book TV Bus as well. — Hundreds of author interviews. Solid video and sound. Searchable database.

Reader Reviews

AbeBooks Community — Independent booksellers site with forums for readers. - Reviews — The flagship of adult, teen and kid reviews. Reviews come from volunteers. Bookreporter selects those to post and pays in books.

Epinions — You'll have to search for book and then look for top reviews, but Epions will reward you with many reviews.

Midwest Book Review — Specializes in small, academic, alt publications. Reviews are hard on the eyes black on dark gray. Has many links to book resources

Printed Books Shopping and Price comparison — British. User written and user rated reviews.

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