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1. Find Published Reviews

2. Find Reader Reviews

3. Make Purchases

4. Purchase and Return to BWH 

Q. 1. How do I find published reviews. We have over 70,000 review links available

To find reviews, go to the home page and do a search. If we have reviews of the book, you will see links to the reviews on the results page. To see an example, search for NW by Zadie Smith ( click here for sample search ).

You can also see reviews by clicking on the NYT Bestsellers tab.


Q. 2. How do I find readers' book reviews?

A. Here's an example using Tony Hillerman's popular mysteries about the Navajo Tribal Police. 

Readers have rated some of them higher than others. BookwormHole (BWH) makes it easy to find  Hillerman's mysteries and to see which ones have the greatest number of reviews and which have the highest  ratings.

1. Go to the BWH Home page. To find Hillerman's reader reviews, type Tony Hillerman -- in the Search for: box, press the Search button. 

BookwormHole - Home Page

2. You'll get a Search Result screen like this which lists Hillerman's mysteries:

BWH Results - Hillerman List

3.  The ratings column shows how each book has been rated, on average, by readers and how many reviews each has. (We use Amazon's™ information for these entries. It generally has the highest reader participation.)  

4. To sort the results by the number of reader reviews, click Ratings. 

Hillerman Sorted by Reader Ratings 

5. The Search Result screen  will reappear in ratings sorted order. In this case, readers have written more reviews of The Sinister Pig than any other of Hillerman's books, but it only averaged three stars. Of the other books, A Thief of Time has the highest average rating, almost five stars, and the highest number of ratings, 37. 

6. To find those reader reviews, click on the book's title, A Thief of Time.

Vendor Listings for A Thief of Time

7. The Vendor Screen comes up and shows you the four vendors with reader reviews. This screen also shows the book's average reader ratings, and the number of reader reviewers. 

8. For A Thief of Time, Amazon has the most reader reviews. To see these, click on the Amazon link.

Amazon Readers Review of A Thief of Time

9. BWH opens a new page and takes you directly to Amazon's reader reviews. 


Q. 4. How do I buy through BWH?

A. In much the same way, you find reader reviews. For example, to buy A Thief of Time, go through Question 1's steps 1 to 6. To buy, click on the vendor 's  price. In this case, select Amazon's $7.99 new price.

You'll go directly to Amazon's new book selection. You can make your purchase and return to BWH if you want.

Amazon Purchase Screen


Q. 3. If I leave BWH to go to a store such as Barnes and Noble, where does BWH go and how do I get it back?

This depends on your browser. For example:

Internet Explorer 6 (or before), will open a new window for Barnes and Noble. To get back close that window.

FireFox, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari open a new tab to see Barnes and Noble

To get back, close the new tab, or click the BWH tab. 


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